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Advance Lab


  • Remote media temperature probe
  • Media warming function
  • 22 litre chamber capacity / Small Footprint
  • Unique FlexiRack tray and load management system
  • High quality stainless steel media tray with cool touch silicone handle
  • High performance cooling system for faster cycle times.
  • Unique FlexiRack tray and load management system
  • Clear, backlit LCD display with simple user friendly 6 push button control system
  • Integrated data logger
  • Remote water feed for direct connection to a suitable R.O system
  • Remote waste water connection for direct drain applications
  • New easy fit door seal system
  • Protective mat for ease of tray storage

The Advance Lab has been specifically designed and developed for the laboratory market for the application of sterilising liquid media loads.

The Advance Lab is a 22 litre capacity autoclave designed specifically for the Laboratory market, and can be used to sterilize liquid media loads as well as both standard apparatus or instruments.

The Advance Lab autoclave has been designed to be robust and easy to maintain with a unique low cost external media probe, which has been designed to be a consumable item allowing it to be easily replaced by the end user.

The visual status indicator is an illuminated strip integrated within the door assembly. This unique system enables the operator to visually see the sterilization cycle progress

By utilising the specifically designed stainless steel media tray the Advance Lab can take a multitude of flask/media flask combination loads.

Media cycle: The Advance Lab has 4 pre-programmed media cycles for you to select depending on your sterilization requirements.
The average cycle time for a 2000ml liquid media load is 80 minutes. * Subject to start temperatures and media container types.

Instrument cycle: The Advance Lab has 7 pre-programmed instrument cycles for you to select depending on the instruments/apparatus you are sterilizing.

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