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Max efficiency, minimum costs, Class B autoclave


This space-saving, fully automatic tabletop autoclave gives you high speed Class B performance saving you time so you can assist your patients, while meeting current international standards and regulatory requirements to protect your staff and patients. The T-Edge10 autoclave will operate without interruption on a daily basis, offering efficiency and safety.

  • Fast cycles. 36 Minute wrapped instruments complete cycle, including drying
  • Optimal chamber capacity. More than 75% chamber capacity with 5 extra-long trays
  • Convenient and easy loading. Door opening to 110°
  • Advanced documentation. A variety of traceability options and barcodes
  • User-friendly touch screen control panel. Displays programs, cycles times, water levels and more
  • 23 Liter chamber, perfect for private clinics
T-Edge tabletop autoclave - Tuttnauer
T-Edge Control Panel

Data & Software

As simple to use as your smartphone, the T-Edge 10 is easy to use and gives you easy access to cycle data and status.

  • User-friendly touch screen control panel. Quickly see programs, cycles times, water levels and more
  • Remote real-time monitoring via smartphone or tablet app using Wi-Fi
  • Advanced documentation and traceability options. For safety and regulatory purposes, scan barcode data (including expiration date) for the patient file during treatment

Technical Specifications

Chamber volume

  • 23 Liters

Chamber size

  • 46 cm depth x 25 cm diameter

Dimensions (W x H x D)

  • 48 cm x 49 cm x 57 cm

Number of trays

  • 5 trays

Voltage & Frequency

  • 230V – 50-60Hz

Power & Current

  • 2000 W – 10A

Items supplied

  • Drain tube, tray holder
T-edge Automatic Autoclave - Tuttnauer

Sterilization Programs

The T-Edge10 comes with 4 pre-set cycle programs, as well as 2 standard diagnostic tests.

Preset Cycles

Cycle Program Temp. Load Type Cycle Time (min)* Drying Time (min)
Unwrapped 134 134 °C Unwrapped Instruments 25 1
Wrapped 134 134 °C Wrapped instruments 25 10
Unwrapped 121 121 °C Unwapped delicate instruments 39 1
Wrapped 121 121 °C Wrapped delicate instruments 50 10

* Cycle times are based on:  1 kg standard loads (not including drying) and warm chamber.  Cycle times may vary according to load size.

Test Cycles

Bowie & Dick Test Cycle: Verify effective steam penetration. Also suitable for testing air removal with Helix test.

Leak Test Cycle: Verify the integrity of the pressure vessel and its plumbing on a daily or weekly basis.

Standards and directives

(a partial list)


  • EN 13060: 2004+A2: 2010 – Small Steam Sterilizer / ANSI/AAMI ST55
  • EN 61010-1: 2010 Safety Requirements for measurement control
    and laboratory use
  • EN 61326-1 for EMC Requirements for electrical software
  • EN 61010-2-40: 20015 Safety requirements for sterilizers used
    to treat medical materials
  • EN 62304, FDA guidance – Software validation
  • IEC 62366-1 – Usability (User Experience, Human Factor Engineering)

Pressure Vessel

  • All pressure vessels and boilers are certified according to ASME Code section I and section VIII. Div.I, PED 2014/68/EU – Pressure Equipment Directive

Quality Standards

  • EN ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System – Medical Devices


  • 93/42/EEC Council Directive concerning Medical Devices

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