Optimax Hand Piece Lubrication System

Optimax Hand Piece Lubrication System

Optimax is the ideal addition to any dental practice. Its process of lubricating hand pieces in preparation for sterilization takes less than 3 minutes.

Optimax is fast and simple to use and is suitable for most leading brands of high and low speed hand pieces plus air motors. Simply place the hand pieces in the specially designed fittings, close the door and press go. It’s that simple.

After connecting hand pieces, close the door fully

Select the mode suitable for your hand pieces:

  • S= 35 seconds (short cycle for high speed hand pieces)
  • L = 45 seconds (long cycle for low speed hand pieces & air motors)
  • E = 50 seconds (extra long for speed reduction hand pieces)

Press the start key and, in less than 1 minute each, all the hand pieces are correctly lubricated.

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