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The Future of Infection Control: Insights Post-Covid

Infection control has always been a cornerstone of healthcare, aiming to prevent the transmission of infections within medical settings. This field encompasses a range of practices, with disinfection and sterilization at its core. The evolution of these practices, especially in the wake of COVID-19, points towards a promising yet challenging future. The Role of Autoclaves […]

T-Connect, A Game Changing Application For Sterilization Devices

The T-Connect software developed by Tuttnauer, is truly a gamechanger in the world of sterilization devices, for all people that use or sell autoclaves or washer disinfectors in their sterilization centre, no matter if it is a healthcare facility or a laboratory. In today’s world of connectivity, integrating various systems, instruments, and devices into a […]

The Smart Laboratory: How IoT is Redefining Lab Sterilization

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been making waves with tremendous advancements across leading industries, from manufacturing to agriculture and certainly healthcare. One sector where IoT has been revolutionizing operations is the laboratory environment. This transformation is particularly a gamechanger because labs are places where the slightest mistake or inefficiency can lead to significant errors, […]

Setting up your clinic’s infection control processes in a cost-effective way

By Tuttnauer Product Experts Opening a medical clinic offers unique opportunity to combine medical expertise with entrepreneurship. Having greater control and autonomy along with the potential of financial gain depending, gives incentive for practitioners to go private. After fully assessing the opportunity and proceeding with the process, the set up and purchasing of new devices […]

Proper Packaging of Instruments: 7 Daily Errors to Avoid

By Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH Proper packaging of instruments in an autoclave is a critical task and one that needs to be done right. Unfortunately, common daily errors can easily occur without careful consideration when handling packages. Any small mistake can cause disastrous results for patients or even staff members, from using incorrect packaging materials […]

Compliance Made Easy: Harnessing the Power of Labeling and Workflows in Your Dental Practice Steri-Center

By Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH The sterilization center, serving as the bustling hub within the dental office, demands the utmost attention from dental healthcare professionals who juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. They diligently reprocess reusable dental instruments while simultaneously preparing for the next patient, retrieving items from sterile storage, and acquiring necessary consumable products. However, due […]

Why Is Your Water Treatment System So Important to Your Sterilization Process?

By Ad Geilings, Global Product Manager Laboratory Water is the lifeline of an autoclave. It is the most critical component of a steam autoclave. Sterilization will not happen in a steam autoclave without water. Steam sterilization uses saturated steam to the items in the autoclave. The steam comes into contact with the items placed inside […]

Proper loading of autoclaves: the dos and don’ts

By Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times; We load the autoclave like this! *Inserts items the wrong way*. That’s how you did it with the last autoclave? That’s great, but what makes you think this one is the same? The correct answer is; what […]

Isothermal Sterilization Cycles

By Ad Geilings, Global Product Manager Laboratory There are three technological processes associated with autoclaving material and are based on the following elements: gravity, pre-vacuum, and isothermal. Gravity The most basic sterilization cycle. Steam displaces air in the chamber by gravity. The gravity design is utilized for sterilizing non-porous heat and moisture stabilized goods. These […]

Connectivity is why I love the modern autoclave

By Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH We all know how passionate I am about ensuring proper infection control in dental practices, and one of the key factors to achieving this is having the most effective equipment. This includes an autoclave that meets international standards and all the regulatory requirements. Running a subpar autoclave puts your practice […]

Ten steps in choosing your next autoclave

Autoclaves are a critical part of effective infection control in the dental office, with a plethora of autoclaves to choose from. If you are replacing an existing autoclave, and your needs are unchanged, you may be happy to purchase the same or a similar one. Whether you are looking to purchase your next autoclave, an […]

The efficiency of a complete Infection Control solution process

Day to day operations in a dental practice run by certain routines or systems. There are particular processes that must happen for a practice to run smoothly. This article will provide clinicians with helpful suggestions for an efficient and consistent process, or flow, with the instrument processing cycle. Sometimes the clinical day is not as […]

Connectivity with Medical Devices

In the technologically advanced world we live in today, how are medical devices keeping up? In this post we will review the development of technology and advancement within the sterilization equipment. Definition: Connectivity is defined as ‘the quality, state, or capability of being connective or connected.’ On a broad level, for example connectivity is the ability […]

What to consider when purchasing a laboratory autoclave?

Sterilization in today’s infection control environment has taken on a new level of safety. Increasing the risk of infection spread is precisely what laboratory technicians need to avoid, and when dealing with microorganisms, it is critical to understand what your autoclave can do for you. In the USA alone, there are over half a million […]

Use of chemical indicators in sterilization monitoring

As a dental hygienist who has worked over the years in many different dental practices, there is no doubt that most often dental practices are trying to perform all the correct procedures for infection prevention and patient safety. Most offices understand that instrument reprocessing is an area that can have frequent infection control breaches. In […]

Detergents for Your Washer Disinfector device

Choosing a detergent will depend on a combination of three considerations: the utensils being washed, the users, and the washer disinfector cleaning procedure. Detergents are designed to simplify your work by eliminating manual washing and reducing your manpower. Ensuring the safety of your patients by providing consistent quality washing cycles at all times and ensuring […]

Best Method of Choosing the Perfect Tabletop Autoclave

Post the Covid pandemic, when it comes to dental or medical procedures of all disciplines, you may know that infection control has been a crucial part of your practices’ safety and healthcare standards. Infection control is strongly related to proper disinfection and sterilization. In general, sterilization can prevent cross contamination and disease transformation that happen […]

The Benefits of Investing in a Washer Disinfector

Post the Covid pandemic, infection control is understandably a hot topic. With the threats of an ongoing or future pandemic, as well as the usual seasonal illnesses to contend with during the colder months, it’s vital that infection control remains a top priority. You may have purchased the best cleaning products, but manual washing has […]

How to choose the right autoclave for your dental clinic

As a dentist, dental hygienist, or support staff at a dental clinic, you know that having a reliable, effective autoclave is essential to the smooth operation of the clinic. Also called a steam sterilizer, the autoclave is the machine that harnesses the power of high temperature and high-pressure steam in order to sterilize germs on […]

Biological monitoring can help you with Infection Control

As an ICC certified in dental infection prevention and control, I am always asking about infection control protocols. Once, during a volunteer program offering dental care services, I asked about their procedures for monitoring sterilization, such as chemical, mechanical, and biological monitoring. Most of the time, offices are making efforts, and I am always excited […]

Key testing tools for optimal cleaning reprocessing

The spread of airborne pathogens and its prevention is well known to dentists. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, a heightened awareness of airborne or contact contamination has drawn attention to sterile processing. There is no doubt that dentists across the country are vigilant about the importance of sterilizing their instruments, however, it must be clear […]

Easter Chicks for East Lancs Hospice

Our industrious knitters, Shirley Mack and Tracy Wallace have been busy creating their adorable knitted chicks to raise funds for the very worthwhile East Lancashire Hospice. The hospice requires over £3.9 million pounds per year to support people with life limiting conditions in Blackburn, Darwen, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley and completely relies on fund raising […]

BDIA 2022

After not being able to exhibit for 2 years, Prestige Medical is very excited to be back at the ExCel in London for the BDIA 2022 exhibition! We are thrilled to be able to meet customers new and old, face to face with a new range of products, special offers and much more. Come and […]

The Italian Job

In October, Roger Parker, Natalie Kelly and Vicky Morrow visited our dental chair partner in Bergamo, Italy. The visit was a great success and to see how the business works and gain a greater understanding whilst obtaining some additional training, was a great experience for the team. The dental chair has been a valuable addition […]

Simple and Smart Dental Chair Installation

Roger Parker and Josh Longhurst first visit to the practice was on Wednesday 21st July,  the old chair was removed and the new chair and services installed. There were no existing services under the chair, so the floor was cut  and ran the pipes under the flooring. The old electrical socket was replaced with a […]

Fundraising for East Lancs Hospice

So pleased to be able to present East Lancashire Hospice with a cheque for £480 from our fundraising at Easter. £240 raised by colleagues and friends which was matched by the company. Jenny and I presented the cheque to Leanne who has given us more ideas for future fundraising. Welcome to East Lancashire Hospice (

Simple and Smart Dental Chair Installation

We also, provide a full Dental Surgery Design service.

Prestige Medical have appointed Continental Supplies, a new dealer in Hong Kong.

Richard Crisp our Technical services manager carrying out our First Remote Technical Training Session complete with our colleagues at Continental Supplies Hong Kong A great step forward for the business in Hong Kong, very excited to see the relationship develop. Great work by Richard and the team  

Core Value Launch Day

Today we have launched our Core Values through the business. These values are the fundamental beliefs of our organization and define how we behave, to our customer, suppliers and of course each other.

Prestige Medical at BDIA On Demand

We will be showcasing our decontamination solutions for your practice at the BDIA On Demand virtual exhibition. The event is running from the 22nd March through to the 26th March, so plenty of time to have a look at our products and contact our sales team directly to discuss your sterilization and decontamination needs.

£400 raised for East Lancashire Hospice

Carla and I visited East Lancashire Hospice on Friday and presented them with a Cheque for £400. East Lancashire Hospice is one of our nominated charities and we raised £200 internally at Christmas , which was matched equally by the company. In the picture is Carla, Sharron Crimble (Income generation and Marketing lead at East […]

Certification and Appreciation from Ovaid

Dear John, A small appreciation of our sincere thanks for your continuing support for the work that we do, it is hugely appreciated. Without you we simply could not accomplish what we do. Have a safe, healthy and very Happy Christmas, Nigel & Sara

New Dental Chair Install – Holmer Green Dental, High Wycombe

We have recently installed two dental chairs  within the last two weeks. These are our second and third chair installations and which were a great success. Prestige Medical also, offer a full comprehensive Dental Practice Refurbishment service. Please see below PDF for more information.  

Prestige/ Independent Inspections Collaboration

“Roger Parker our Operations Manager and Richard Crisp our Service Manager visited Independent inspections to look at our respective products and explore how we can cooperate going forward. The day was spent in a workshop environment, where Roger and Richard were working with the Sterling team looking at the products in detail. A fantastic day […]

Kirsty Morrow Our QHSE Manager. Her love Outside of Prestige is Horse Riding

I have been horse riding for 27 years. I started learning at a riding school and then got a weekend job there and the obsession was started. Owning horses involves very early mornings before work (5am), late nights after work, full weekends for riding, yard jobs and competitions and of course a very understanding family. […]

First Kiss Dental Chair Installed. Simple and Smart Dental Chair Installation

We installed our first Kiss Dental Chair this week at Mallards dental practice, Henfield, West Sussex. As part of the install, we removed and decommissioned the old chair. The installation was carried out by our Operations Manager Roger parker and our Service Manager Richard crisp. The project was a great success and the customer was […]

Prestige Medical – COVID 19 announcement

Prestige Medical – Supporting our customers COVID 19 – Business Update During these ever changing and uncertain times Prestige Medical would like to update our customers, both nationally and internationally, that we still here to provide support and advice for you during this difficult time. Prestige Medical is closely monitoring the COVID situation and the […]

Prestige Medical Partner with Italian Dental Chair Manufacturer

A new Dental Chair to add to the Prestige Medical customer offering. Prestige Medical have partnered with Simple and Smart, an Italian Contemporary Dental Chair manufacturer. The concept is: innovation; new design to improve the comfort of the patient and the daily practice. Essential electronic components to minimize the assistance need, high performance and easy […]

Prestige Medical – Made in Britain

Prestige Medical are now proud Members of “Made in Britain” Prestige Medical are proud to announce that as of 2020 we are now members of “Made in Britain”, an organisation that brings together the best of British business and manufacturing to proudly promote everything that our country has to offer on a global scale. Prestige Medical have […]

Prestige Medical Attends the anual Dentistry Awards in London.

Prestige Medical were Finalists in the Category UK Exporter of the Year. it was a great evening at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, attended by Managing Director John Potter and Export sales Managers Fairouz Marshall and Doctor Mike Wiles. The event is referred to as the Industry Oscars and the organisers really put on a […]

Prestige Medical supports Local Charity

Our Charity of Choice for 2020 is the East Lancashire Hospice The hospice was built by the community for the community. On 12th May 1983, Dr Seigleman with great pride laid the foundation stone for the brand new purpose-built East Lancashire Hospice, a ten-bedded Inpatient Unit. On the 21st June 1984, the East Lancashire Hospice […]

Prestige Medical is a Finalist at the Dental Awards 2019 in the catagory of UK Exporter of the year

Fantastic News for the Business, we are a Finalist at the Dental awards 2019 Prestige Medical has been nominated in the category of UK Exporter of the year in the Dental Awards 2019. The awards ceremony will be held at the Prestigious Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London on the 8th November 2019. We have […]

Prestige Medical at BDIA 2019

Prestige Medical Exhibit at the BDIA 2019 Showcase event in Birmingham. The sales team had a fantastic week at the Birmingham NEC and the stand couldn’t have been in a better position. This year we promoted the “Integrated Decontamination solution”, complete with the Advance Pro+ Autoclave, Ultraclean3 under bench Washer disinfector and the AquaPro+ reverse […]