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Education is the foundation for the future and it is essential to provide science students with the best and right equipment and tools with which to perform their work and enhance their knowledge.

Using the right equipment for specific experiments ensures the validity of work being undertaken and can help stimulate students’ interest and desire to learn. The correct preparation of culture media is one example where incorrect laboratory sterilization, using the wrong or inappropriate equipment, can mean that resulting experiments have no chance of showing the desired or planned outcome.

The Classic Media autoclaves provide an ideal solution to the need for culture media sterilization in schools.  They are easy to use entry level units of 9 and 12 litre capacity with a fixed sterilizing cycle for liquid or culture media sterilization, or alternatively for destructive sterilization. Classic Media sterilizers are a very popular choice for high schools with a limited budget and a have proven to be a reliable and welcome alternative to the use of inappropriate equipment such as domestic pressure cookers.

In a university setting the Advance Lab and Advance Lab XL laboratory autoclaves offer alternatives with larger chamber sizes and a range of additional features more focused on a research orientated environment.

Unlike Classic Media autoclaves, Advance Lab and XL models combine a full suite of vacuum, non-vacuum and liquid sterilizing cycles which offer the highest degree of flexibility in load management options. In addition they include features designed to enhance the sterilization experience and efficacy including; the Flexirack tray and load management system means Advance Lab and XL can be configured to accept multiple tray sizes as well as accommodating a range of flasks and media bottles with capacities from 100 to 1000 ml when using the unique media tray; load and cycle control is optimized using the remote temperature probe which is positioned in the liquid during the cycle to monitor the liquid temperature and ensure that sterilization is only initiated once the load has reached the correct temperature; the user interface for cycle selection together with the in-built SD card for data capture, means that operation and record keeping are simple and easy.

Whatever the level of educational facility the demand for reliable, proven and cost effective laboratory sterilization remains the same and the Classic Media, Advance Lab or Advance Lab XL models can provide the answer.