Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me what is considered a consumable item?
A consumable is anything that is used and needs to be replaced on a regular basis in order for your Prestige Medical equipment to function correctly.

What is the call out time for your engineer to attend site?
From your call for an engineer coming through to our Customer Care Team, we aim to have an engineer on-site within 48 hours (weekend permitting).  Our engineers will call you within 2 hours of your call being registered on our system.

What hours do the engineers cover?
Our engineers are available from 8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Do you lease equipment?
We work with some of the best finance companies in the UK to provide you with the right package to best suit your business requirements.

Are your products really made in the UK?
Our Advance range of autoclaves are manufactured right here in Blackburn, Lancashire and our washer disinfectors are supplied from Italy.

What marketing support can you provide?
Marketing support is available for all of our national and international partners as pdf or hard copy brochures, with access to our images and product information.

Where can I buy spare parts for my autoclave?
Our comprehensive service packages cover all parts for your Prestige Medical equipment and we have a duty of care to ensure that any repairs or servicing of your Prestige Medical equipment is completed by a competent person, so for some customers this could be utilising a service company who is a member of our Accreditation Scheme.  This scheme is in place for our partners nationally and internationally, ensuring that the same standard of maintenance is delivered to all of our customers.

My autoclave is broken.  Can it be repaired and who do I contact?
For national customers, you can call our Customer Care Team direct on 01254 844 116 to arrange for an engineer visit.  For our international customers, please contact your local distributor or our Export Team on +44 1254 844 102 or email to customerservice@prestigemedical.co.uk

Why can I not sterilize my hand pieces in a non-vacuum autoclave
Every hand piece has hollows and/or jointed parts and to ensure that these areas are completely sterilized, you need to utilise the vacuum cycle on your Prestige Medical autoclave.  As part of the cycle air is drawn out of the autoclave chamber in order that steam can then penetrate the hollows and crevices of your hand pieces, thus ensuring that total sterilization can take place.

What is autoclave cleaner?
Autoclave cleaner is a clear liquid solution that is specifically made for Prestige Medical autoclaves.  The purpose of using this in your autoclave is to reduce the build-up of micro bio-film inside your Prestige Medical autoclave

How often should I use autoclave cleaner?
Autoclave cleaner should be used once per month.  50ml of autoclave cleaner should be diluted with 1000ml of distilled, de-ionised or RO water and poured into the fresh water tank on your Prestige Medical autoclave.  An additional cycle is required to be run without instruments to remove any residual autoclave cleaner.

What water should I use in my autoclave?
The water in your Prestige Medical autoclave needs to de-ionised, distilled or from a reverse osmosis system.  The water quality needs to be less than 35 micro Siemens.

Do I need to add salt to my washer disinfector?
No.  A washer disinfector works in a similar way to your dish washer at home, but it does not need salt.  Using salt inside your washer disinfector will cause performance issues and may stop it working.

Can I plumb my autoclave direct into a drain?
Yes you can and it is very easy to do with your Prestige Medical autoclave.  On our Advance range of autoclaves, there is a direct drain at the rear to assist with direct drain options.

Can I direct feed my autoclave from an RO unit?

Yes, you can certainly feed your Prestige Medical autoclave directly from either our Aqua Pro or Aqua Pro+ water filtration systems.

Do I need to record my autoclave cycles?
Every autoclave in the Advance range comes with an option of integrated data capture or additional data capture devices.  Recording of cycles is dependent on your industry sectors standards and guidelines, but the functionality is there and downloading the data from our pre-formatted SD cards is very easy to do.

How often do I need to change the gasket on my autoclave?
The gasket needs to be changed approximately every 300 – 500 cycles.  Regular maintenance and cleaning of the gasket will ensure lasting performance.  For the Prestige Medical Classic autoclaves please ensure that the lid is not secured on the autoclave when not in use, as the compression can flatten the gasket face.

Is there a particular way that the autoclave needs to be positioned?Yes, the autoclave needs to be set at an angle of XX°.  This allows for any residual water to be drained effectively.

Is it possible to overload the autoclave and what happens if it is overloaded?
Yes, it is certainly possible to overload the autoclave.  Allowing this to happen will cause the autoclave to go into fault.  If you have any queries on how much to load into you Prestige Medical autoclave, please refer to your user manual that lists the loads types and weights.

Can I use autoclave tape?
No, autoclave tape is not recommended for use in Prestige Medical autoclaves.

What should I use to clean my autoclave?
For the chamber edge a plastic scourer can be used to remove any dirt, autoclave cleaner to clean the internal tanks and pipework and always use a LINT FREE cloth to wipe the gasket and internal door.