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Prestige Medical offers a solution for effective sterilization and cleaning of instruments for all podiatrists, chiropodists and foot health practitioners.

For cleaning and sterilizing your podiatry instruments we have available a washer disinfector and our chiropody autoclaves, PodiaClave+ and Classic Podiaclave.

The 16 litre capacity podiatry autoclave, the PodiaClave+ is the foremost desirable bench top autoclave in the chiropody market.  Perfect for large chiropodists and foot health practitioners clinics.   The PodiaClave+ is a combined Class B and Class N  autoclave that sterilizes both wrapped and unwrapped instruments. Engineered with a small foot print and integrated SD card for traceability, the PodiaClave+ is the most reliable chiropody bench top autoclave in the podiatry industry.

The classic PodiaClave is a 9 litre portable chiropody autoclave.  The autocalve is light and compact,  easy to use and is ideal for mobile chiropodists or for small foot health practices. Included is a basket for your podiatry instruments and printer as standard.   With its simple design, our 9 litre Classic Podiaclave enables the foot health practitioner to keep a record for each cycle. The 134 degree sterilisation is designed to sterilise unwrapped solid instruments.  Manufactured in the UK the Classic  PodiaClave is fully compliant and CE marked and meets current UK guidelines and British standards.  The Classic Podiaclave  is the perfect chiropody autoclave to satisfy all podiatry sterilization needs. Together the Classic PodiaClave and PodiaClave+ autoclaves are designed to suit all your sterilization needs.

The washer disinfector and our range of podiatry autoclaves, offer a complete solution for effective sterilisation and cleaning to maximise and protect the crucial safety of patients and staff. Using a washer disinfector is best practice in cleaning podiatry instruments, reducing the risk of sharps injuries, ultimately protecting your staff and patient safety at all times.