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The Beauty industry has become a fast paced, ever evolving industry, especially since the increase in popularity for non-surgical procedures, such as Botox and Derma Fillers.  So how do you as a clinic ensure that your clients are safe from the potential risk of infection and cross contamination?

There are many articles regarding safe beauty sterilization and many options of alternative sterilization, but the internationally recognised preferred method of sterilization with the salon environment is sterilization by the use of an beauty autoclave.

Any re-usable instrument that can or has pierced the skin must be sterilized, so as to destroy any living micro-organisms.  Autoclaves utilise a high temperature steam under pressure to render any micro-organisms inactive and ensure that the instruments are safe for use with the client.

For those larger clinics with a high volume of clients, the Visage is the perfect beauty autoclave.  With a 16l capacity chamber, this vacuum autoclave is perfect for sterilizing all your hollow, hinged and pouched re-usable instruments, ready for the next client.  The display is easy to read and understand and with an integrated data logger, you will have a record of every cycle the autoclave completes.

For the mobile practitioner or smaller beauty clinic, the Classic Visage beauty autoclave has been designed with the mobile practitioner or beauty clinic in mind.  It’s simple to use and maintain features have proved popular with users worldwide.  A 9 litre capacity chamber, for solid unwrapped instruments combined with a 20 minute cycles at a sterilization temperature of 134, can assist the busiest practitioner on a daily basis.  One touch button to operate the autoclave and a printer to ensure accurate data capture, the Classic Visage is simplicity itself.