Our Heritage

Our Heritage

Prestige is one of the world’s best known and well-loved housewares names thanks to more than 50 years of making good quality products for the home. Prestige’s commitment to quality and reliability has built an enviable relationship of trust with its loyal customers.

The Prestige story starts way back in 1936 when a company called EKCO Products Company, based in Chicago, USA, purchased a UK company called Platers & Stampers. EKCO wanted to expand into Europe and Platers & Stampers provided the perfect avenue for this. At this time Platers & Stampers produced chrome plated kitchen tools and gadgets, bathroom fittings and domestic bakeware.

Despite these ambitious expansion plans, the company’s vision was put on hold as the Second World War took hold. Platers & Stampers was called into service and spent from 1939 to 1945 producing munitions. Despite the war finishing in 1945, Platers & Stampers continued to work for the defence industry until 1953.

By 1956 the company was back on track with its expansion plans and the Prestige name first started to be used on a commercial basis. By now the company was producing a wide variety of housewares products and had acquired factories in Derby, Blackburn and Burnley.

As the standard of living increased in the UK during the 1970’s so did the demand for Prestige’s well-designed household and kitchen products. By 1976 the company’s turnover had increased from £650,000 in 1946 to £42 million and it was now employing more than 4,000 people.

Overseas markets were also growing at a dramatic rate and selling offices, warehouses and factories were set-up in countries all over the world to cope with demand.
Prestige’s success continued throughout the 80’s, through its ambitious plan of company acquisitions, product design and development of overseas markets.

Prestige plans to continue to provide excellent products for the home with an extensive product portfolio. In addition to cookware, available either as stainless steel or non-stick, it produces a wide variety of products all to the same exacting standards.

Prestige’s reputation for great quality and design extends to bakeware, kitchen knives, a fantastic selection of tools & gadgets for all your food preparation needs and the famous Prestige Pressure Cooker, one of the most iconic products of its generation.

When the Meyer Group purchased the Prestige brand name in 1997, they already had an envied position of trust in the hearts and minds of Prestige customers.

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