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Worldwide, the Tattoo industry is one of the fastest growing market sectors, thanks in part to celebrity endorsements and more acceptance of tattoo in general society.

So how do you make your Tattoo parlour stand out from the crowd?

One way to achieve this would be making client safety a major factor for them to consider using your services rather than going to the competition.

Every time the tattoo machine pierces the skin, there is potential for infection and cross contamination, so utilising re-usable sterilized instruments or disposables reduces this potential risk for both yourself and your client.

Sanitizers and wipes do not sterilize and to ensure sterilization of re-usable instruments, the internationally approved process to achieve this would be by the use of a steam sterilizer.

The Visage vacuum autoclave is designed to sterilize hollow, hinged and jointed re-usable instruments.  With a 16l chamber, you can sterilize and pouch instruments ready for the day.  Sterilizing at 134 degrees, with complete data capture for record keeping, this autoclave has everything you need to stand out from your competition in terms of client safety.

The Classic Visage works with the Tattoo artist who utilises disposable instruments in the main, but who also need to sterilize their grips and bars.  As a 9 litre chamber autoclave designed to sterilize solid unwrapped items, this is the perfect autoclave for a quick turn-around of your equipment with a 20 minute sterilization cycle at 134 degrees.