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Automatic Benchtop Sterilizers


With higher capacity and better performance, Tuttnauer’s EL Laboratory line of fully automatic, microprocessor controlled, benchtop, steam sterilizers provides safe, economical and effective sterilization. Integrated reservoir for water feed, with water level control and steam recirculation saves on demineralized water consumption and enables the autoclave to be independent of a water supply. External heating elements make the sterilizer easy to clean.

These Tuttnauer benchtop front loading laboratory autoclaves are available in chamber sizes from 23 liters to 160 liters. EL models have an advanced microprocessor based control panel.

  • 23 to 160 liter chambers
  • Sterilizes liquids, solids, glassware and biohazard
  • Advanced microprocessor control panel
  • Independent temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Independent digital and mechanical door safety features
  • Chambers constructed of 316Ti grade stainless steel
EL Benchtop Automatic Sterilizers

Sterilization Applications

The various applications can be carried out using the autoclave’s standard programs. Additional options ensure more control over results and optimal, safe and repeatable sterilization processes. For special applications, our experienced team will customize a suitable method for you.

  • Liquids such as nutrient media and buffer solutions
  • Solid items such as pipettes, tubes and filters
  • Glassware and plastic articles
  • Waste sterilization

Quality Features

  • The chamber is constructed of long lasting 316Ti grade stainless steel with superior corrosion resistance
  • The generator is made from stainless steel
  • The autoclave automatically switches to standby mode if no buttons or switches are operated for four hours
  • The autoclave is designed for easy servicing allowing maintenance access to all components
  • Drain Protection: The exhaust drain is mixed with cold tap water that cools the exhaust’s temperature before reaching the drain

Control and Documentation

Control Features

  • High precision control system for perfect sterilization results
  • Password protection allows for secure access control
  • Independent temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Cycle information recovery in the case of power failure or cycle interruption
  • Fail Alert – Indicates cycle failure or interruption
  • Door Alert – Indicates the door is unlocked
  • RS 232 PC Connection Port for direct software updates and remote

Built in Printer

The laboratory line can be supplied with a built-in printer to document the performed cycle, in addition to a comprehensive LCD display. This feature is optional.

ADMC Software

The ADMC software allows complete control and monitoring of up to eight sterilizers. The software retrieves data, creates graphs, tables and print outs, controls the autoclave and shows real-time data.

Standards and Directives

Tuttnauer’s high quality laboratory autoclaves comply with the strictest
international directives and standards.

  • Pressure Equipment: PED 97/23 EEC, EN 10028-7, ASME Code Sec VIII
  • Safety: IEC/UL/EN61010-1, IEC 61010-2-040, EN 61326
  • Sterilization: DIN 58951 Series, ISO 17665-1:2006
  • Quality System: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003

Model Chart

Type Chamber Dimensions
(ø x depth) (in mm)
Chamber Volume
(in Liters)
External Dimensions
(W x H x D) (in mm)
2540 EL
250 x 400
510 x 365 x 545
3150 EL
310 x 500
600 x 450 x 695
3850 EL
380 x 490
660 x 525 x 695
3870 EL
380 x 690
660 x 525 x 875

Safety Features

Door Safety

The autoclave lids are designed with a number of independent mechanical and digital safety features.

  • A safety device prevents the operator from opening the door when the chamber is pressurized
  • Steam is not allowed to enter the chamber when the door is open
  • A cycle cannot start if the door is open or not properly locked
  • The door cannot unlock until liquid temperature reaches the predetermined end temp
  • The door cannot unlock until chamber pressure reaches room pressure
  • Temperature Activated Door Lock – The door will not open until the temperature is below a specified safe level

General Safety Features

  • Double Independent Monitoring: The combined electronic and mechanical monitoring guarantees accurate results. The operator has two independent means to monitor temperature and pressure.
  • Safety Valves: The chamber is equipped with safety valves – if the pressure exceeds the allowed limit the safety valves will discharge
  • Built-in Steam Generator Safety: A water level monitoring system maintains a constant water level and ensures safe operation of the heaters

Additional Information

Reduced Cycle Times with Optional Fast Cooling

Tuttnauer’s accelerated cooling technology reduces cycle time and protects the load by minimizing its exposure to high temperatures. Rapid cooling typically reduces cooling time by as much as 75%. After sterilization is completed, compressed air is passed through a microbiological filter into the autoclave chamber. In this way pressure drops are prevented. The pressure increase prevents load deformation, cracks or spills.

Extra Cooling by Water Circulation

The vertical autoclave chamber is surrounded by coils that are filled with cold tap water to help rapidly cool down the chamber to a safe temperature. When the liquid’s temperature reaches the final set temperature, the cooling stage is complete.

More time is required for liquids to reach sterilization temperature compared to non-liquids. Tuttnauer’s advanced laboratory autoclave line is equipped with a flexible temperature load sensor, which is placed in a reference vessel, ensuring that the set sterilization temperature is actually attained when sterilization begins. Sterilization is initiated only when the load sensor reaches the preset required temperature.

After sterilization is attained, the autoclave door cannot be opened immediately, but only after the liquid has properly cooled down. Tuttnauer’s cooling method prevents a sudden drop in chamber pressure which can cause liquids to boil over.

An additional challenge is the need to prevent media exposure to high temperatures for a long time, for the concern that it might harm the quality of the media. Tuttnauer offers advanced options that minimize the time liquids are exposed to high temperatures.

Fan Assisted Cooling

An additional feature that further enhances the cooling stage is the optional radial ventilator. The fan circulates the hot air, inside the chamber, transferring the heat to the cooled chamber walls or cooling coils. The overall chamber and load temperature rapidly drops.

Improved Drying by Vacuum

The post-vacuum drying phase, at the end of the sterilization cycle, ensures improved drying of porous loads and hollow instruments such as pipette tips. The low pressure in the autoclave chamber caused by the vacuum reduces the boiling temperature thereby causing the moisture to evaporate faster. The hot vapor is sucked out of the autoclave chamber by vacuum and the materials dry. Following the vacuum stage, dry air is introduced into the chamber through an air filter.

Efficient Air Removal by Optional Vacuum System

The vacuum pump is optional and if not selected the gravity displacement air removal method is used. Fractioned pre-vacuum air removal eliminates air pockets from all load types and maximizes steam penetration. A pre-vacuum pump removes the air from the chamber. This allows for complete air removal with more efficient steam penetration throughout the entire load.

Biohazard and Waste Sterilization Features

Many laboratories work with biohazard media that can be dangerous to laboratory staff and the environment. The advanced laboratory autoclave line provides an optional sterilization solution for the treatment of biohazard media. Prior to sterilization, during the air removal stage, all effluent is passed through a 0.2 μm biological filter that filters the exhaust air. During the sterilization phase, condensate does not leave the autoclave chamber where it is sterilized during the cycle and the biological filter is also sterilized.  The laboratory staff and environment are further protected from risk of contamination. Tuttnauer provides solid waste containers for holding waste during the sterilization cycle.

Baskets and Containers

Stainless steel baskets and containers in different sizes for benchtop autoclave models.

Erlenmeyer Flasks (ml) Loading Capacity


Schott-Duran Flasks (ml) Loading Capacity


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