Tiva 10-1ML Glassware Washer

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Tiva 10-1ML Glassware Washer

Manual Door


The Tiva 10-1ML Glassware washer is equipped with a manual opening and closing door made of double tempered glass, for laboratory glassware with 4 independent levels. The upper levels  are removable for washing large materials. Is equipped with a system that filters, electrically heats and forces, with a powerful blower, the air in the wash chamber and inside the hollow instruments, to obtain an excellent drying result. A wide range of racks, nozzles and accessories complete these machines, suitable to wash and dry a wide variety of laboratory glassware.

  • 265 Liter chamber
  • Diverse load types. Available trolleys for DIN baskets, containers
  • Touchpad keyboard with graphical LCD display
  • Up to 4 dosing pumps with level control sensors and flow meters for monitoring the detergent quantity can be mounted (2 dosing pumps are already mounted in the standard machine).
  • 5 Liter liquid detergent canisters are placed inside the base of the device (max. 4 canisters)

Thechnical Specifications

Dimensions TIVA10-1ML
External dimension (WxDxH): mm 650x700x1850
Chamber dimension (WxDxH): mm 560x585x800
Chamber volume 265L
Max pump flow rate 626 L/min
Max drying fan flow rate with filter 150 m³/h
Max absorbed power * 11.4 kW
Max number of dosing pumps for chemicals with flowmeters 4
Chemical tank capacity 5 L

The reference values are based on a voltage of 230 V between Phase and Neutral (between Phase and Phase in three-phase versions without Neutral) with a possible variance between -5 and +10%.

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