Tiva 10-V Washer Disinfector

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Tiva 10-V Washer Disinfector

Automatic Sliding Door/s


The TIVA 10-V washer is equipped with automatic sliding door/s and is best suited for surgical and sterilization departments. It can be loaded with up to 6 washing levels for a total 12 DIN baskets with large variety of washing trolleys and accessories. Available trolleys for surgical instruments, tubular, laparoscopy, ophthalmology, containers, shoes, anesthesia and more. The washer is equipped with an optional sensor for hands-free door operation.

  • 265 Liter chamber
  • Automatic sliding glass door/s
  • Washing chamber made of high quality AISI 316L
  • Touch panel with color graphic display
  • A total of 40 programs: Preset and programmable
  • Air drying prefilter + HEPA H14 filter
  • One boiler for purified water with protection filter (for HS model only)
  • 2 dosing pumps with flowmeter for acid and alkaline detergents (2 additional pumps are optional)
  • 3 heating elements
  • USB/ Printer for data documents
  • Built-in steam condenser
  • Storage cabinet for four 5L detergents
Tiva 10-V Glassware Washer Tuttnauer


  • Conductivity measurements to check rinse water quality before disinfection phase (if the machine is equipped with demineralized water connections)
  • Chamber LED light: Illuminated during loading, unloading and running the program
  • Washing trolley recognition
  • Spray arm monitoring continuous validate rotation of spray arm to guarantee that the load is currently washed
  • Frame closing for pass-through configuration
  • Wall drain pump
  • Utility steam connection/hybrid heating: Steam and electric
  • Water connection for normal version: Cold water softener , purified water
  • Second boiler for warm water, cold water softener (HS model only)
  • Thermal Printer Graphic report of washing phases including time and temperature

Thechnical Specifications

Dimensions TIVA10-1V
External dimension (WxDxH): mm 680x700x1950 680x700x2300
Chamber dimension (WxDxH): mm 560x585x800 560x585x800
Chamber volume 265L 265L

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