I have been horse riding for 27 years. I started learning at a riding school and then got a weekend job there and the obsession was started. Owning horses involves very early mornings before work (5am), late nights after work, full weekends for riding, yard jobs and competitions and of course a very understanding family.

I got Timmy, my first pony, in 1998 and I still own him today but he is now enjoying his well-earned retirement. Perry, my first horse, was bought as a surprise Christmas present in 2019. Myself and Perry are learning some new skills. We have had a go at dressage, showjumping, cross country and endurance and the aim for 2021 is to complete a British Event.

They keep me sane and they give me that time to just enjoy being out in the countryside. Its expensive, hard work and stressful at times juggling work, home and farm life but I wouldn’t be without them. Unbridled euphoria is riding on the beach at sunset or jumping a jump on your horse with the wind blowing through your hat.