The T-Connect software developed by Tuttnauer, is truly a gamechanger in the world of sterilization devices, for all people that use or sell autoclaves or washer disinfectors in their sterilization centre, no matter if it is a healthcare facility or a laboratory.

In today’s world of connectivity, integrating various systems, instruments, and devices into a unified, intelligent ecosystem, improves workflow efficiency and productivity. From real-time monitoring to interconnected devices and advanced sterilization techniques, IoT is enabling this ‘smart’ transformation.

The T-Connect software is developed for sterilization canters to leverage its technology to improve workflow efficiency and results. The T-Connect features paperless documentation, device diagnostics, and troubleshooting. Knowing where and what the technical glitches are, allows you to have accelerated service, minimizing your device downtime.

Information is everything and connecting to your working environment for quick and easy data retrieval will differentiate your clinic and patient care.

Your autoclave is an investment, you want it to run efficiently for a long period of time with no malfunctions.

The reality is that sterilization machines need upkeep, they need maintenance and sometimes they need repair. Technical issues cause downtime which costs you money.  The T-Connect was designed to ensure a smoother operation of your clinic by minimizing your devices downtime.

Below are the top reasons how the T-Connect will minimize your sterilization device downtime and benefit you in a unique new way.

  1. Remote access to the device; that means you can view your autoclave from any smart device remotely. Monitor all cycles. If you are a reseller or service provider, imagine following up on any customer device from your phone / computer, so you know what they need before even speaking to them, or visiting them at their office.

2. Going Paperless; All documentation related to cycles are saved in the cloud. Industry standards stipulate that time, temperature, and pressure must be recorded for every cycle that is run, and those records must be maintained for a minimum of time.  Therefore, going paperless is a gamechanger of efficiency to your daily operation, not needing to print and manually file papers of performed sterilization cycles.

3. Visible technical diagnostics as a tool for predictive maintenance; Imagine knowing what the technical issues are without having to call a service provider, or needing to describe to them what the issue is during a long confusing technical support conversation, by just having the service technician remotely access your autoclaves data history. Imagine being a service provider and looking at a customers’ device remotely and knowing exactly what problem your customer is experiencing and if spare parts are needed so you know exactly what to bring! Your time management and customer relationship just got so much better.

Technical errors are one of the most common reasons for calling a service technician. Whether you chose the wrong program for a certain type of load or forgot to turn on the water supply, these common errors can be easily identified and fixed remotely.

4. Update software remotely; Device features and upgrades achieve quick and easysoftware maintenance. There is no need to manage it on your own, this can all be done for you remotely.

5. Receive notifications, alerts, upcoming maintenance messages, cycle history, automatic replenishment of cleaning material; Maintenance is monitored on your behalf, so that your machine’s upkeep is not forgotten and neglected. The lack of time or resources running a busy healthcare facility or laboratory can create long term maintenance frustrations.  The T-Connect will help to resolve these issues for you!

Resellers can fully support their customers with best-in-class service. Technical common errors can easily be identified and either fixed remotely or quickly on site since you know the cause of the alert.  The information you need is at your T-Connect dashboard.

All Tuttnauer devices, including autoclaves and washer disinfectors, can be connected to the T-Connect software automatically if they have a Wi-Fi feature that is enabled.   For those devices that do not have Wi-Fi capability a gateway box can be provided to allow the device connection and T-Connect software.  To find out more information and to contact sales visit;